Why chatlinecash? Simple, we do not spend advertising money to buy banners on other websites, we would rather give you to opportunity to earn that money by promoting your profile and our websites. Who better to promote our websites than the people who use them? Affiliate programs are a common way for webmasters to "pay" for traffic, but we have broken the industry rules and are providing each and every member of our messengers the tools and opportunity to easily earn money for their referrals.


STEP 1. Go to www.chatlinecash.com and sign up, you can simply hit the sign up button at the top of this page, use the Program 2 option, create a new account button. For site URL use any home page you may have or enter your direct 'view my profile link' from the messenger home page, Please remember your account number (current ID, Username and Password to log in and monitor your clicks and sales.

Step 2. Log into the messenger and enter your code into your profile. Construct your code by copying and pasting the following code into the chatlinecash field in your messenger profile. Replace the bold 1366715 with your personal affiliate account number. Save the changes by clicking the SUBMIT button. Click on your direct 'view my profile link from the home page of your trucker messenger and click on the banner. If you have made the change correctly you will be directed to truckersucker.com instead of being directed to nutsworldwide.com.


Step 3. Now that you are set up on chatlinecash with your code in your messenger profile you can use your direct 'view my profile link' located on the home page of the messenger to promote yourself, the trucker messenger and the truckersucker.com website. When someone clicks on the animated trucker banner or the "Click here to meet me, FREE trucker messenger!" text our system will register that person as a referral from your chatlinecash code nubmer and account. If that person ever makes a VIP membership purchase you will receive the current percentage of the proceeds from the purchase or any rebills that occur. Our lowest percentage we pay out is 50%


1. Place your direct "view my profile link" in YAHOO, AOL, MSN, MYSPACE, etc. Make sure your profile is set as an adult profile.
2. Email people who ask you for a photo and give them your direct "view my profile link" instead. It will link to your photo and market your profle.
3. If you post a message on craigslist adult personals or respond to one, you can use your direct "view my profile link" in the email responses.
4. Place your direct 'view my profile link' on any personal websites you may have, you can use the banners at www.chatlinecash.com/tools to promote on websites you may own.
5. Please be sure that you do not participate in spam, which is email which is both unsolicited and bulk. For more extensive definition you may visit www.spamhaus.org

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Got a good idea for a new site you think we should put into the program? Let us know and we will add it. Email us.
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