Frequently Asked Questions

» If my question can not be answered here, who do I contact ?
Go to support and choose the most appropriate email address.

» Can I promote multiple sites from one account ?
Yes, you can promote all of the chatlinecash sites and programs from one account.

» When do I get paid ? (CCBill) is weekly. We send out checks 7 days after the pay period. So if the period is the 1st to the 8th, we send checks on the 15th for that pay period.

» How do I check the amount of hits/sign-ups I am sending ?

Just log in at, click the link to "stats". This will give you a complete "real time" breakdown of your traffic. Or you can log in at the affiliate section at directly.

» What options do I have for payment ? now offers payments by Wire and Checks.

» What do I use to promote your sites ?
We have tons of promotional tools available. Full Page Ads, Buttons, Exit Consoles and Hundreds of Banners. Click here to see the complete sets of marketing tools. All of which are constantly updated .

» How do I send traffic to your sites ?

You can use any legal method you wish as long as it not considered SPAM or other unlawful methods of promotion.

» Can I use multiple banners on a variety of sites ?
Sure, we encourage this. The more links to our sites you have up, the more money you will make.
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